Bubble CPAP System

Bubble CPAP System

NEO FLOW Bubble CPAP system is specially designed for premature infants. It provides a continuous positive airway pressure to infants through ultra-soft nasal prongs.

The whole system is complete with an Air-Oxygen Blender, Servo Controlled Humidifier, Nasal Prongs, CPAP Generator, Heater Wire Circuits and Pressure Release Safety Valve.

With the combined effects of optimal humidity and natural pressure oscillations, bubble CPAP provides a protective, safe and effective method of respiratory support to spontaneously breathing neonates.

Salient Features:

1. Safe, effective and easy to use.
2. Input Flow Range: 0-15 L/min
3. CPAP Generator Adjustable Range: 3-10 cm H20
4. Recommended Operating Temperature Range: 26°C
5. Maximum Pressure Limit: 17 cm H20 @8 L/min
6. Intended Patient Population: Premature neonates and infants up to 10kg
7 The water trap in the expiratory limb prevents unwanted pressure peaks due to condensation in the expiratory limb.
8. Provides comfort and optimum CPAP support to the infant

Main Components:

1. Respiratory Humidifier
2. Air Oxygen Blender for Gas Mixing and Outlet Flow-Meter
3. Bubble Water Column for PEEP determination
4. Heated Wire Circuit
5. Patient Interface
    a. Nasal Tubing
    b. Infant Bonnet
    c. Nasal Prongs
6. Pressure Relief Valve for Added Safety
7. Mounting Pole and Brackets
8. Medical Air Compressor (Optional)

Taurus T7 Servo Controlled Humidifier

Suitable for Neonates
Digital Temperature Display
Mode of Application: Invasive, Non Invasive
Humidifier Modes: Heater wire, Non Heater wire
Heater Plate Power: 150 W
Temperature Settings: Invasive: Chamber Set Point: 37°C
                                                    Airway Set Point: 40°C
Safety Alarms: Airway/Chamber – High/Low Temperature, Heater Wire Disconnection, Temperature Sensor Disconnection, Low Water in Chamber, Probe Out Alarm

Oxygen-Air Blender

Oxygen Concentration range: 21 -100%
Flow Meter Range: 0-15 LPM
Automatic Alarm in case of Input Pressure Failure

Medical Air Compressor

Optional Taurus Air Compressor, Model VA 11 Medical Grade Dry Air